Hello again I'd like to talk today about good video games endings and bad endings for great games.

 I thought that Assassin's Creed was a very great game but the ending in my opinion was terrible.

The ending for Call of Duty WaW was  a very great ending for a great game.

Fable 2 was a very great game but the ending was stupid.

The ending to KOTOR 1 was alot better than KOTOR 2



07/02/2009 12:40

I agree the ending of Call of duty world at war was great. I also agree that alot of game have sucky endings like Assasins creed. Have a great time gaming.

11/27/2010 19:24

I promise to never delete them. <3
And what the fuck do you mean that you're high?!?!
I'm quite proud of myself too, I didn't know I could be this happy again. (:
Oh! And I love you too JackJack. :D thanks for your share.

11/29/2010 19:00

*The more you learn, the more you know.

12/09/2010 22:20

Yeah! I very like this!@

12/09/2010 23:48

Se que es dificil para ti pero también para tu madre, es un tema bastante complicado...

Eso es Clarii, tu sé como eres coño!! raperilla forever jajaj


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