Hello my name is Nolan. My fav video games are Assassin's Creed, Fable 2, the Halo series, Dark Messiah, Oblivion, and the KOTOR series.

 Video games are big part of my hobbies, but other than video games my hobbies include Baseball, Basketball, and umpiring baseball. My favorite baseball pitcher is Randy Jonson.

Now you know me i'd like to know you and your favorite video games.

6/20/2009 06:54:01 am

Hey Nolan , whats up just seen that you liked video games and was going to tell you to check out my website , its a site dedicated to Halo3 and you can invite your friends that play to come and join the forums and post videos/screenshots of there halo 3 ownage lol anyways nice site bro , hope to see ya.


8/6/2009 01:40:31 am

Hey Uncle Nolan, it's me Brandon. My favorite videogames are Zelda games, Metroid prime 3, super mario sluggers, and raving rabbids games.

9/14/2010 11:38:18 am

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